Monday, December 19, 2011


story-mory by mariatul yang kepoh dan bijak.

saye tak suke benda manis2. melekit.
saye pon tak suke makan manis2. sakit.
tapi saye suke awak sebab awak 'manis'. ;)
awak tak melekit. awak tak buat saye sakit. sebab tu awak berbeza dan saye suke kat awak.
erm, awak tak kisahkan? ;)saye tahu dan saye yakin awak tak kisah. sebab dengan yakinnye saye boleh kate lagi awak sayang sangat kat saye..;p

for my dear fiance. thanks for keeps cheer me up every day. evendo sometimes i feel u're annoying me, but u know how to repair the day and especially my mood. iloveusomuch. and i u know everyday i will tell u the same thing. but what u had done to me sweeter than mine. i never regret to have u in my life. since day one i know u, i'm so happy because of what are u trying to do for us. everything.
sebab saye memang keras kepale. sebab saye memang susah nak mengalah dan saye memang degil ;)
for u my dear fiance , i wanna to say sorry and thanks for being around me and warm me with your love. i promise u that i'm trying hard for not hurts u evendo sometimes i make it more and make u sad. iloveusomuch ;)
  • u wake me up every subuh for solat. iloveusomuch .
  • u never give up for seek my forgiveness if u go wrong and evendo sometimes, its my fault. iloveusomuch .
  • u always keep saying that u are the most luckiest on to have me. that the sweetest words i ever heard. iloveusomuch .
  • u keep make me laugh when i'm sad. iloveusomuch .
  • u make me comfort when i need someone. iloveusomuch .
  • u never blame and said i'm mengade2 sebab menangis rindu nak makan masakan mak. iloveusomuch .
  • u're the most worried person bile saye tak turun makan or saye memang takde rase nak makan. iloveusomuch .
and i know u will never change till i get my LAST breath ;p till the end of my breath. i never mind if i'm hurt because of u because i know, only u can cure the heart. and also my heart don't want any other person to make it better. it want u and i mean, really only u.

for my dear fiance ,
here i want to tell u. i never bored to tell u how much i love u. i make the pain but i can't give the cure. i'm sorry for anything that i've done make u upset with me. and for that, i already told u so that u never regret to have me in your promise for not to do it again coz i've no purpose on doing that. i wanna give u time. so that u're really know me. so that i'm not hurting u anymore. i wanna give u a space to know me well. my bad and all my 'sucks' way. i will give it. because i already told u. iloveusomuch

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