Monday, April 4, 2011

swear.. these words for u..:)

story-mory by mariatul yang kepoh dan bijak.

i'm not the one who can give u the best love ever u seen.
i'm not promised u that i'm the latest girl in your life.
i'm not the one who always makes u happy.
i'm not the one who always do what you want from me.

but, i'm trying to care of you and give you the the best love that i have. i know it's hurt if someone you love, hurts you like crazy. it's pain. but please don't close your eyes for the other gurl that trying to enter your life. give me the chance and i'll show you how much i'm crazy because of you. yes you. the only one wanna try to make me laugh and know how to make me feel better.

yes you, i NEED u.
yes you, i LOVE u.
really. there's no other person in my mind if you're not in
front of me :)
seriously, i'm happy for having you even you never try to open the chance for me. for looking the smile on your face, that enough to make me smile for a whole day. yes, you're the one that always influence my mood of the day. so please give your smile when u're beside me. because i need your smile to cheer up my day.

i had told you. the person i love will be in my prayer everyday. this is you..i'm never lie to you. never lie. this is the real words that i want to tell you. but i never have the strength :). please be beside me. for my bad and good days. hurm, last word, please open the door for me. because i already there for you, since you came in my life. i swear these words for u :)

p/s: i'm never care if i'm the silly girl that love you :P


Cik Ina said...

Makcik ney romantik orangnye. :)

maria_m0hamadiah said...

cik ina

malu la makcik.. hak3..:)

fildarus said...

x fhm la leh x

maria_m0hamadiah said...

tak penting la darus. hahaha

Anonymous said...

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maria_m0hamadiah said...

thanks.. love ur comment!